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Protecting Your Rights When You Face Criminal Charges

If you are facing a criminal charge – whether it is a major felony or a seemingly minor violation – it is essential that you take it seriously and hire a criminal lawyer. Failure to formulate an effective criminal defense could result in severe repercussions that could affect your life for years to come. You may not only face jail time, but you could also find it very difficult to find a job. At Gibbs Nolte & Rose, PLLC, we fight to protect the rights of clients throughout Collin County by providing skilled legal representation for criminal charges.

Committed To Pursuing Your Best Interests

When charged with criminal activity, securing a qualified criminal defense attorney must be a top priority. A skilled criminal lawyer can provide advice about accepting a plea deal and can negotiate a plea agreement if that is in your best interest. Our firm is committed to keeping the lines of communication open with our clients, answering their questions as we provide support through all the phases of the legal process.

Your Ally For Criminal Charges

The criminal law attorneys at Gibbs Nolte & Rose, PLLC, have represented both adults and juvenile defendants facing an array of criminal charges, including:

If you have been convicted of a crime of this nature, you may be eligible to have your record expunged or sealed. In order to understand and assert your rights in these matters, you need an attorney with criminal defense experience who can guide you through the complex legal process.

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Our attorneys have decades of experience defending clients in criminal cases ranging from minor infractions to capital murder. We have several former police officers and prosecutors on our team who know how “the other side” thinks and the strategies they typically use. When you hire us, we will leverage our experience and backgrounds to pursue the best possible outcome for your situation.

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