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Criminal Law

If you are faced with any type of crime – whether it is a major felony or a seemingly minor traffic violation – you simply must take it seriously and hire a criminal lawyer. Failure to formulate the proper criminal defense could result in severe repercussions that will affect your life for years to come. You may not only face jail time, you could also find it very difficult to be able to find a job. A Collin County criminal lawyer with Gibbs Nolte Robison Rose, PLLC will fight to protect your rights by providing the skilled legal representation you need.

Criminal Justice Attorney

When charged with criminal activity, a person has to immediately begin looking for an experienced criminal justice attorney. A skilled lawyer can provide the advice you need to help you determine, for example, whether or not to accept a plea deal, or to negotiate a plea agreement if that is the proper course of action to take. Your criminal defense lawyer also needs to keep the lines of communication open and keep you up-to-date through all the stages of your case. In addition, you need an experienced lawyer who is not afraid to try your case and knows his or her way around a courtroom.

Criminal Law Attorney’s at Gibbs, Nolte, Robison, Rose PLLC:

Criminal Law Cases

The criminal law attorneys with Gibbs Nolte Robison Rose, PLLC have defended clients facing a vast array of criminal charges. These include drug charges, drunk driving, burglary and other theft crimes, and assault, battery, murder and other violent crimes. If you are facing a charge related to a sex crime or a white-collar crime, or your child has been charged with a juvenile crime such as shoplifting or fighting, we can help. You can also count on us even if you are simply facing a traffic violation charge such as running a red light or speeding.


You may be eligible for expungement, which means all records of your offense may be “expunged,” or no longer available to the public. If, for example, you were arrested and prosecuted of an offense and then later found innocent, your record could be expunged. You may also be eligible if your case never got to trial or was dismissed, or the statute of limitations for charges has expired. An attorney with criminal law experience can not only explain the process in detail, but can also help you have your record expunged if you qualify.

Collin County Criminal Lawyer

Our attorneys have decades of experience defending clients in criminal cases from traffic infractions all the way to capital murder. We have several former police officers and prosecutors on our team who know how “the other side” thinks and the strategies they typically use. When you hire us, we will put that deep knowledge to work for your benefit.

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