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Motorcycle Accidents

It will be vital that you speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer with Gibbs Nolte & Rose, PLLC, if you have suffered an injury in this type of wreck. A case of this kind can be extremely complex, so it will be important that you hire someone who has the experience and knowledge necessary to help bring about a positive outcome on your behalf.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you hire a Gibbs Nolte & Rose, PLLC, motorcycle accident attorney, you will benefit from our decades of experience representing clients throughout the North Texas region. We will know what constitutes a fair settlement offer from the at-fault motorist’s insurance company. However, if that offer is not forthcoming, we will be more than ready to prepare your case for trial. If you go with a less experienced or effective accident lawyer, you run the risk of either accepting a cheap insurance settlement or losing your case altogether. We have a well-earned reputation for aggressive representation, and insurance companies know how well we perform in front of juries.

In many instances, an insurance carrier would rather go ahead and make a fair settlement offer rather than take the chance of losing much more money by going up against us in court. It can be extremely difficult for an unseasoned motorcycle accident attorney to prevail in this often-complex type of case. The defense, for example, will do all it can to try and prove that you had at least some responsibility for the accident or the insurance provider will try and prove your injuries are not as serious as you claim.

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However, we know all about the tricks the opposition will try to use because we have seen them time and time again – and we will be prepared for them. Speak with a motorcycle accident attorney with Gibbs Nolte & Rose, PLLC, today by contacting us online or calling 972-600-2761.