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Child Custody And Visitation

Concern over the well-being of your children is one of the most difficult and emotionally charged aspects of a family law case. Issues of child custody and visitation require skilled guidance from a knowledgeable child custody lawyer, so it is critically important that you speak with an experienced child custody lawyer like those at Gibbs Nolte & Rose, PLLC, if you are going through this stressful experience. 

Child Custody Lawyers

Whether you are attempting to gain sole custody of your child or you are trying to reach a fair joint custody arrangement, the custody lawyers with Gibbs Nolte & Rose, PLLC, have a great deal of experience in these types of matters. We believe in keeping our clients thoroughly updated at all stages of their case, so you can feel free to ask us as many questions as you may need.

Joint Custody

The child custody lawyers with Gibbs Nolte & Rose, PLLC, are ready to help should you need someone to be an advocate for your best interests and the best interests of your children. While we will always recommend that our clients try to reach an equitable joint custody and visitation arrangement with the other parent, we also know that it is not always possible and are ready to put our extensive trial experience to use for you whenever necessary.

Custody Lawyers

You can count on us to deliver the advice and information you need in order to make the most informed, intelligent decisions possible regarding you and your children. Over our more than two decades representing clients, we have helped people dealing with a wide range of custody issues. If you would like to learn more about how we may be of assistance, please schedule a confidential consultation so we can review the detail of your case.

Contact Our Child Custody Lawyers

When you schedule a consultation with us, we will give you our honest opinion regarding how a judge would likely rule should you find yourself involved in a custody dispute. Contact us online or call 972-600-2761 and we will be happy to answer all your questions.