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Protect Your Future Through Expunction Or By Sealing Your Records

Texas law recognizes that we are not all perfect. We make mistakes and sometimes people unintentionally break the law. There are other people who are first time offenders and need to get a second chance. Expunction and sealing a court record can limit negative consequences.

A judge can allow a record to be expunged (expunction) or sealed if the accused successfully completes their sentence or complete a diversion program. Having a criminal record can cause housing and employment problems and professional licensing trouble. Call our expunction and records sealing attorneys at Gibbs Nolte & Rose, PLLC.

What Are Expunction And Record Sealing Under An Oath Of Nondisclosure

The two processes are:

Expunction (called expungement in some states)

  • This means someone’s arrest record cannot be released. You can deny the arrest if you are applying for a job, a loan, school, licensing or housing. You must disclose it under oath, but you can say your record was expunged.

Records sealed under an Order of Nondisclosure

  • Some records can be sealed through an Order of Nondisclosure. The general public cannot view your record. However, criminal justice agencies can access it. The record can also be released to licensing, and employment entities. Employers and schools can see the record if they request it.

What Qualifies For Expunction?

  • Acquittals at trial
  • Pardoned convictions or you were found innocent
  • You were charged, but the case was dismissed
  • No formal charges and you satisfy the waiting period (Class C misdemeanors – 180 days from the date of your arrest; Class A or B misdemeanors – one year; felonies – three years)

Orders Of Nondisclosure

Your record could be sealed if you plead guilty (or no contest) and were placed on a deferred adjudication community supervised program.

It could be allowed if:

  • Judge defers proceedings without finding you guilty
  • You complete court-ordered supervision, and your proceedings are dismissed

Crimes That Do Not Qualify For Orders Of Nondisclosure

They include:

  • Crimes that require sex offender registration
  • Aggravated kidnapping
  • Human trafficking
  • Murder
  • Stalking
  • Family violence
  • Child endangerment/abandonment

Working With You For Expunction Or For An Order Of Nondisclosure

If you fulfill the requirements, you might be able to get expunction, or your record sealed through an Order of Nondisclosure for a crime in Collin County and North Dallas. Visit our contact page or call our office at 972-600-2761.