2021 brings significant spike in road deaths

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Residents of Texas may want to learn more about a trend that happened in 2021. There was a significant increase in deaths from motor vehicle accidents. The highest number of deaths in 16 years occurred last year, with numbers hitting 43,000. Knowing about this trend may help in keeping you safer from a motor vehicle accident.

According to news sources, risky behavior while driving increased in the last two years. Less frequent use of seat belts and speeding, with fewer people on the road, was evident.

Backwards turn in safety

This reckless driving behavior is a step backwards. Preliminary statistics show that 42,915 people died in motor vehicle accidents last year, up from 38,824 in 2020.

In 2020 people stayed home

People were off the roads mostly in 2020. It may have resulted in drivers who were on the road felt that less traffic offered a chance to speed. Before that year, traffic deaths were showing a decrease for three years.

Older drivers now driving faster

Statistics show you cannot just see teens driving fast. Fatalities rose 14% among drivers 65 and older, while those of middle age, 35 to 44, had a rise of 15%. Kids under the age of 16 had a 6% rise in fatalities.

Trucking accidents also increased

Devastating trucking accidents also had an increase of 13%. It was not just the big rigs that had an increase. Motorcyclists had a death-rate increase of 9%, while bicyclists had an increase of 5%.

National strategy is a need

Transportation officials in the government say that actions are necessary. These include lower speed limits, more cameras, dedicated bike and bus lanes, more crosswalks

and other measures.

NHTSA looks at braking systems

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has suggested regulations that require electronic automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection systems on all new light vehicles. This would be a backup for situations in which drivers fail to brake, especially when there is something in their path.

The year 2021 shows a significant increase in motor vehicle fatalities. Speeding and failure to wear seat belts were actions that began in 2020. Since that time, road deaths increased.