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What are child custody considerations for moving?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2022 | Family Law |

Have you recently gotten a divorce in the state of Texas? If so, you may be faced with the prospect of your former spouse moving away. This is a matter that becomes more complex if there are children involved. The thought of someone taking your kids to a far-off area is one that no parent should have to bear.

What are Good and Bad Faith Moves?

One of the most contentious considerations in a child custody case is whether or not the parent who gets custody is allowed to move. The parent with primary custody may decide to take the children to an area that is far away. The question then becomes one of whether good or bad faith is involved. This is a matter that the court will have to decide.

Good faith reasons for a move can include getting a chance for a better job or better housing conditions. Doing so may also bring the child closer to their extended family members. The area that you move to may still be close enough for the other parent to continue visiting their children on a regular basis.

Bad faith reasons may involve wanting to move far enough away to make it more difficult for the other parent to claim child support payments. It may also be a way of taking revenge on a spouse by limiting their ability to see their children.

What is the Primary Consideration?

The most important thing that the court can do is help divorcing spouses to reach an agreement that meets the needs of their children. This is an issue that you can help to work out in advance through divorce mediation. If you can reach an agreement before divorcing, it will help reduce worries over your children’s welfare.