Singer’s home raided in criminal probe

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Texas residents may have heard that famed rocker Brian Warner, better known as Marilyn Manson, has been hit with charges of domestic violence and sexual assault. His West Hollywood home was raided by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department while he was away. The agency had a warrant to search his home and left with several of his personal effects, including computer components, to use as evidence for the singer’s alleged abuse of women.

Accusations against Manson

More than 12 women, including several in the entertainment industry, have leveled charges of egregious behavior against Manson. One actress testified in Congress about her domestic violence experience. In 2018, she alleged on Instagram that Manson was the culprit. His music team discontinued their relationships with him as a result, impacting his ability to make a living making music.

Federal complaints alleging sexual assault stem from 2009 to 2011, and there is still an active criminal investigation against him. One model who initially had a mutually consensual relationship with the singer claimed that the relationship took a downward turn and never recovered. On one occasion, she reportedly awakened to find Manson assaulting her while she was forcefully incapacitated. He is said to have had in his home a “bad girl” or “rape room” in which he purportedly committed illegal acts against women.

From attempts at asphyxiation to cutting with a knife to rape to hate speech, the allegations include a wide range of abuse. Manson denies all charges of sexual assault and domestic violence and continues to maintain his innocence. The prosecution must prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in order to secure a criminal conviction.