Why it can be hazardous to drive in the fall

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There are always hazards that you need to look out for when traveling in Texas. However, the autumn months present challenges that you might not see at other times of the year. For instance, the shorter days mean that you’ll likely need to adjust to driving while it’s dark out. Furthermore, you may have to contend with animals that are out searching for food or mates.

Be on the lookout for children heading to or from school

During the fall months, you may commute to work at the same time that children are walking or biking to school. You will also likely be sharing the road with school buses. If you see a school bus, be sure to watch out for the flashing lights that indicate that you need to come to a stop. When you come home in the evening, you’ll likely encounter younger people coming home from extracurricular activities.

Road conditions may be less than ideal during the fall

It’s not uncommon to see an uptick in rainfall as the calendar transitions from summer to fall. Rainy weather can result in wet roads as well as a reduction in visibility. Furthermore, the leaves on the trees can quickly fall and render local roads a slippery mess.

Your car can be harder to maintain in the fall

Cooler weather can wreak havoc on your tires, battery and other important vehicle components. It isn’t uncommon for a vehicle sitting for several hours in a cool garage to lose several pounds of air pressure. This could increase your risk of getting into a motor vehicle accident while traveling on slick road surfaces.

If you are involved in an accident caused by another person, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills and lost wages. You might be eligible whether you were a driver or passenger involved in a crash.