Why are grey divorces more common these days?

On Behalf of | May 14, 2021 | Family Law |

A new study has revealed that baby boomers are three times more likely to divorce than couples in their younger adult years. The surprising statistic has inspired more research into just why these gray divorces are happening throughout Texas and the rest of the country. Researchers speculate that a few different trends lead to these high divorce rates.

People are living longer

After a couple has children and they grow into adults, having an empty nest can lead couples into rediscovering one another. Unfortunately, not all couples find that they still get along. Decades ago, couples didn’t plan on living much past the age of 60. For this reason, many just stayed together for the sake of simplicity.

Nowadays, people are living decades longer than they used to. With the average person living well into their 80s, more unhappy couples are considering divorce. Since they have 20, 30 or even more years to live after their adult children move out, they desire to spend those years happy with another person.

The stigma around divorce has changed

Until relatively recently, getting a divorce was uncommon. Divorce was looked upon by many as a failure for both parties. Most couples stayed together for the simple fact that they did not want a bad stigma around them due to going through a divorce. In the 21st century, however, the stigma about divorce has drastically changed. A divorce is now a common option for couples who have gotten to the point where they no longer get along. Due to this change in stigma over divorce, more baby boomers are filing to separate without fear of any major societal retribution.

It’s common to attribute rising divorce rates to younger couples, but in reality, older couples are more likely to get divorced these days. There are many reasons for these divorces that were not present just decades ago. If you have questions about how to initiate a divorce, a family law attorney may help.