Michigan governor signs bills to reform jail for kids

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Residents of Texas will want to know about a recent bill signed into law by the governor of Michigan. It centered around creating a clean slate for juvenile offenders. Jail alternatives are also presented in the Good Moral Character and Clean Slate for Kids packages signed a bipartisan bill of reforms. Since Michigan is a leader in criminal justice reform, this package for kids required cooperation between both parties in the state’s congress.

Good Moral Character and Clean Slate for Kids packages

This bill will help reform juvenile law and ensure that kids can exit the juvenile system and receive a fresh start. It will ensure that they will have access to licensed professionals and receive SNAP food benefits, according to WLIX10 news.

Twenty bills signed by both parties

Recommendations by a task force on jail reform were the basis of the bills. They found that certain low-level infractions were affecting the residents of the state. These are the following:

  • Violations of probation
  • Suspended license driving
  • Other misdemeanors

Although the jail population had grown, it was not safer; the jail population there had tripled in less than a 40 year period.

Citation in lieu of arrest

It expands police discretion to issue citations for most misdemeanors instead of arresting the juvenile. Part of the bill ensures the issuance of summonses for most first-time failures to appear, instead of an arrest.

If you are a parent who has a child facing juvenile court or the law, you may want to contact a caring and experienced attorney versed in this type of law. Your child may able to make a fresh start and get on with becoming a responsible citizen.