Do you qualify for an appeal to a criminal conviction?

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Criminal convictions can have long-lasting impacts on your legal and social life long after you’ve served your time or paid your fines. If you have legitimate grounds for appeal to a past conviction, there is no reason to let these blemishes remain on your record and jeopardize your future. Here is how to know if you qualify for an appeal to a criminal conviction.

Conditions for criminal conviction appeals

If you would like to clean up your record with an overturn of a past conviction there are the common legal grounds that you can use to justify your request. These include the following:

  • The presiding judge abused his or her “discretion.” In the courtroom, the judicial arbiters have the right to determine what evidence is admitted, how the proceedings will move along, etc. in the interest of guaranteeing due process. Sometimes, though, judges abuse this power with provable harm to the defendant.
  • The decision does not match the facts of the case. Judges must square the decision of the court with the evidence presented. If that does not occur, the conviction may be overturned.
  • The judge erred in judgment. Judges are legally bound to apply the legal standards at play fairly, equally and impartially. If he or she did not ensure this in your case, you may qualify for an appeal.

The benefits of appealing a criminal conviction

Criminal convictions can follow you for years, interfering with your ability to find meaningful employment, access much-needed resources such as loans and otherwise harm your future prospects for a happy, healthy life. Appealing a criminal conviction offers the following benefits:

  • Greater access to jobs and other economic opportunities
  • Restoration of driving rights, gun rights, voting rights and other civil liberties commonly revoked due to criminal convictions
  • Improved immigration status
  • More housing options

How to get the help you need to challenge your conviction

Attorneys may help their clients pursue appeals to criminal convictions by offering guidance throughout the process. If you are going to challenge the state’s ruling, you will want legal assistance.