Are second or third marriages more likely to end in divorce?

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You’ve been burned a few times before, but now you’ve met the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. You think having extra experience from being married previously makes it less likely that you’ll get divorced, but is that true?

Why second marriages often end in divorce

It might seem safe to assume that second marriages rarely end in divorce, but in fact, the opposite is true. People who have been married before are actually more likely to get divorced again.

For people who have never been divorced, the thought of filing for divorce can be scary and intimidating. They have no idea what to expect, and they might worry about being financially ruined. However, once you’ve been through the process, it seems a little less scary. It might not have been ideal, but you got out of the marriage intact.

Now that you’ve had that experience, you might be less likely to stay in an unhappy marriage. You already went through divorce, so why not go through it again if it makes you happier? People who have been through a divorce might be more likely to file for divorce than try to stay and work out their problems.

Who may help you through a divorce?

No matter how many times you’ve been married, an attorney may offer valuable advice during the divorce process. Your attorney may help you value and divide up your assets without taking on your spouse’s debts. If you’re dealing with domestic abuse, an attorney may help protect you and your children by filing a restraining order. Once the divorce has been finalized, an attorney might also help you with other issues like requesting a child support modification.