Rules to follow when getting a divorce

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No matter how things turn out, a divorce will always represent one of the most negative life experiences possible. But parties to a divorce in Texas possess a number of rights that will be protected by the state’s family court system if not respected by the other party.

The first step a divorcee can take to protect their own divorce rights is to respect the rights of their ex-spouse. The couple should also keep in mind that all orders delivered by the court are final and should be strictly obeyed.

Both parties to the divorce proceedings have a reasonable right to expect the other party will not damage or destroy their property. This includes disposal of the other spouse’s belongings without permission.

The state where a couple is divorced becomes the home state for the children of the divorced couple. Neither parent is allowed to move away with the children without prior knowledge by both the court and the other parent. The custodial parent should also never make an attempt to keep the children away from the non-custodial parent when it is time for a visit.

Neither party should continue to use credit accounts that are solely in the name of the ex-spouse. Joint accounts and debt division should be detailed in the divorce agreement and both parties are bound by these agreements.

Both parties to a divorce should respect the right of the other to establish a new life on their own. Both should also understand that no actions that threaten the other party physically, mentally, or emotionally will be tolerated by the court.

Divorce proceedings in Texas are a complicated matter. And while a client is allowed to represent him or herself, doing so can add to the time, stress, and money needed to complete a divorce. Hiring a divorce attorney will provide an advocate who can manage all communications with the court while navigating a complex legal process on behalf of a client.