Brake Safety Week inspection spree to be held August 2020

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Truck drivers in Texas and across the U.S. will be pulled over at random for a roadside brake inspection between August 23 and 29, 2020. This is part of the Brake Safety Week held annually by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. During that week, any trucks that violate the brake safety regulations will be placed out-of-service.

While inspectors will check every brake component, the 2020 Brake Safety Week will have a special focus on brake hoses and tubing since these have such an impact on a truck’s mechanical fitness. The hoses and tubing must be properly attached, be flexible, contain no leaks and be free of damage.

During the 2019 Brake Safety Week, 13.5% of all the trucks that were inspected had to be issued OOS orders. During the CVSA’s 2019 International Roadcheck, 45.1% of all the OOS violations cited were related to the brake system and adjustment. This shows just how prevalent brake-related violations are.

While truckers may neglect the maintenance of their brakes, that could be because they, in turn, are being neglected by their fleet. Some fleets are more safety-minded than others. This is one reason why the Truckload Carriers Association holds a “Best Fleets to Drive For” contest every year. Participants can nominate a fleet with innovative safety practices, outstanding benefits and more.

Usually, when truckers are to blame for truck collisions, those who are injured can pursue a claim with the trucking company. If the trucker is an independent owner-operator, then a claim could be filed against the driver’s insurance company. Whatever their situation, victims may not want to go forward with their claim alone. It can be hard to negotiate for a fair settlement that way. With a lawyer, victims may get all the help they need, allowing them to focus on their physical recovery.