What happens when a car crash injury is delayed

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Texas residents who are involved in a car accident should be aware that some of their injuries may be latent for several days or weeks. The following are just a few of the most common symptoms that can appear after a delay and what condition they might signify.

For example, victims might suffer from headaches, which can be the result of anything from blood clots and concussions to neck injuries and whiplash. Severe headaches may point to depression. Emotional trauma in general may only become apparent later on, especially when victims are coping with any disfigurement caused by their injuries. Post-traumatic stress disorder is also not uncommon.

Those who begin to feel neck, shoulder and lower back pain after a delay may have whiplash or a herniated disc. Herniated discs can pinch or press against the nerves, causing pain, tingling and numbness. Back pain by itself may indicate a sprain or muscle damage. Next, victims may develop abdominal pain and bruising and experience headaches and dizziness at the same time, which could point to internal bleeding.

To ensure that they are compensated for all their injuries, victims should not sign a release of liability form with the other driver’s auto insurance company. Rather, they should wait until they have achieved maximum medical improvement and undergo a complete evaluation.

Victims may be successful in a personal injury claim as long as their degree of fault does not exceed the defendant’s. Of course, if they are partially at fault, that will lower whatever amount they might recover in damages. In their effort to achieve a fair settlement, then, victims may want to retain a lawyer. The lawyer may hire third parties like crash investigators and medical professionals to help strengthen the case.