Truckers who drink lots of coffee may be crashing more

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Perhaps you got into an accident in Texas and found out that the other party, a truck driver, was to blame. Truckers, like any other driver, are liable to be negligent, such as by driving inattentively or drowsily. Some may try to fight off the fatigue with coffee and energy drinks, but according to one study, consuming large amounts of caffeine regularly may backfire.

Heavy coffee drinkers more likely to crash

The study was conducted by a transportation safety expert from the U.K. in conjunction with the Virginia Tech Transport Institute. Among a pool of 11,000 truckers in eight states, 3,007 were chosen because they fit one of two categories that researchers wanted to focus on: individuals who drank only one cup of coffee a day and those who consumed more than five cups.

While 21.6% of people in the first group admitted in a questionnaire that they had gotten into a crash once during the prior three years, the second group contained 27.8% who had. Moreover, many of the truckers in the second group reported experiencing poor sleep and poor overall health. They also tended to drink more, smoke and eat unhealthy foods.

More research needed to link coffee with crashes

Of course, correlation does not imply causation, so researchers were clear that further research would be necessary. They also point out that consuming a lot of caffeine in the short term can be beneficial. It’s the long-term drinking that may ultimately be harming truckers’ health and raising their risk for a crash.

Since caffeine content is not standardized in brewed drinks, few studies before this one actually looked at the response that people have to it. This study used a self-reporting system, and truckers were able to respond honestly as their answers were not reported to their employers.

A lawyer to help with your case

As is the case with most victims of truck crashes, you are probably dealing with serious injuries that limit your ability to put together a personal injury case. This is where legal assistance may come in handy. A lawyer may evaluate your case in light of this state’s comparative negligence laws.