Factors to consider before taking a divorce to trial

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A divorcing couple in Texas may choose to settle their case amicably or take the action to a trial. The latter option may be tempting for those who feel that they were especially wronged by their partner. Before making that decision, however, one should be aware of the significant financial and emotional costs of a trial.

Obviously, divorce trials can cost a lot of money. Lawyer’s fees and court bills can add up quickly when there is a trial, and litigants do not have control over the expenses. However, it all may be worth it for someone who wants to get a custody agreement or property division that works for them.

There are also costs in terms of stress. Divorce trials are emotional, and this has an impact on participants who will feel the effects. Also, a trial can negatively affect the relationship between the parties after the court hearing as there will be a level of built-up animosity that may not go away. This is particularly important if the parties have children together and need to have an ongoing relationship. Nevertheless, there may be circumstances where a divorce trial is unavoidable. In that case, the parties will need to bear the costs no matter what they are.

Someone contemplating divorce may benefit from a consultation with a family law attorney. The lawyer might be able to help the client reach a fair arrangement without having to go to trial. If the case does go to court, the lawyer could assist the client in presenting their best case to the judge. Divorce is a difficult legal process to go through without professional assistance.