How parents can help their children cope with divorce

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If you’ve finally decided to divorce, you may worry that your children will suffer for it. Though it’s true that children of divorce can have worse outcomes, children can also thrive in all types of family situations, provided their core physical and psychological needs are met. Clinical psychologists suggest divorcing parents in Texas come up with a parenting plan that focuses on a framework that provides the security children need.

You should settle all aspects of your post-divorce life and present it to your children after it has been agreed upon. Children have no control over your decision to divorce and should not be given the impression that they do. Including children in the negotiating process makes them feel as if they either might have caused the divorce or might be able to stop it. This can add a needless burden of anxiety to the coping process. Children need the security of knowing that their parents are in charge and capable of handling things.

Parenting time should be scheduled on a calendar and laid out in advance. Even though you and your spouse may not be on the best of terms, you should plan on jointly attending events that are important to your children. Children want to know they still have a family, even if it looks different than it did before.

Most importantly, children need to be reassured that they can continue to have a relationship with both parents. You and your ex should avoid speaking ill of each other in front of your children. Though the process can be difficult, an attorney with experience in family law may be able to guide you through the process, providing a better outcome for everyone.