Support systems in vehicles lead to distracted driving

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Some vehicles in Texas and across the nation come equipped with systems that are designed to make driving easier and safer. These include lane-keeping assist and adaptive cruise control technologies. However, there is rising concern that these technologies are actually placing drivers in danger and putting them at greater risk of crashing.

When drivers learn how to use these technologies properly, they can make driving safer. However, some drivers are placing too much trust in these systems and are being lulled into letting their guard down.

Lane keeping assist technology gently tugs on the wheel when it detects that the car is starting to drift, which will help drivers stay in their lane. Adaptive cruise control will automatically accelerate or slow down the vehicle in order to maintain a safe distance between other vehicles. These systems are support systems. Their goal is to help drivers remain attentive and alert, not take over for them.

According to AAA, a study that was performed showed that both systems make drivers twice as likely to engage in distracted driving in comparison to those who do not have these systems in their vehicles. This doesn’t mean that the systems are dangerous. It does show, though, that the auto industry needs to improve the way they educate drivers regarding the limitations of these systems and show drivers how to use them properly. Touchscreen systems have also put motorists at risk because of how distracting they can be.

Being injured in a car accident because of distracted driving can completely change a person’s life. A personal injury attorney might answer questions about the steps that need to be taken in order to seek compensation for injuries and medical expenses. The attorney may even represent a client in court with the goal of proving the other driver was at fault.