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Gibbs Nolte Robison Rose PLLC has a vast amount of litigation experience. Over the last two decades we have helped people in a wide range of areas, including contract disputes, small business litigation, individual lawsuits, insurance litigation and more. Whether you are involved in a small case or one that is extremely complex, we have the skill and knowledge needed to help you achieve a positive result.

Business Litigation Lawyer

Any type of business dispute can get extremely costly, extremely quickly. For example, you have some sort of issue involving a contract, whether that is with a customer, an employee, a partner or something else. We know how to resolve these types of disputes without the need to go to court. However, if a resolution is not possible, we will be more than ready to state your case in a courtroom. We also offer effective, aggressive representation to consumers. The State of Texas has several laws to protect consumers for issues such as breach of warranty, misrepresentation, fraud and many others. We have a deep knowledge of Texas’ Deceptive Trade Practices Act, and can put that to use to help protect your rights.

Civil Litigation Lawyer

If you need a civil litigation lawyer for any reason, we will work on your behalf to build the strongest possible case based on strong evidence. Then, if your case does head to the courtroom, we will present a passionate, compelling argument as to why you should prevail. Do not ever try to represent yourself in this type of matter, because if you make even a minor mistake you could easily lose your case.

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